Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

At CastleStar, one of our core objectives is to integrate sound Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance practices into the planning, design, and development processes that we deploy in the construction, delivery and management of all of our property developments and Assets under management. The integration of ESG considerations into our due diligence, acquisition, investment, and design development processes from pre-acquisition, through the planning, development and disposal phases is a key component of our approach.

We are passionate about design and placemaking and about how strategic master planning and design can be used to enhance the world that we live, work, and play within, in a manner that respects and protects the environment. We give careful consideration to the context and aesthetics of each of our projects and their impact on the local community, the surrounding buildings and on the environment.

All our new buildings are designed to meet and exceed the highest industry standards and to create living and working environments that promote health and well-being, respect and enhance the environment and enhance the experience of the occupier through high energy efficiency, solid environmental credentials and the minimisation of operating costs.