Private Clients & Strategic Advisory Services

HNW Private Clients & Family Offices

We provide objective, unbiased and independent advice to our Private HNW and Family Office Clients.

We have an established track record of working closely and discretely with High Net Worth Clients and Family Offices on a wide range of transactions and investment projects.
We have worked with other professional advisors to assist with the implementation of;

  • Wealth transfer planning structures
  • Investment structures, including family partnerships, limited partnerships and trusts

Where required, we can also provide independent directors to assist with the oversight, management and governance of such structures.

Strategic Advisory Services

We provide a broad range of services to assist our clients with the identification, appraisal, structuring, negotiation and implementation of transactions.

We assist our clients in addressing complex commercial, structural and legal issues in a manner than enables them to effectively manage the risks.

Our specialist negotiation, restructuring and transaction management skills have enabled us to deliver successful solutions for our clients by providing;

  • Advice and input on Corporate valuation analysis
  • Corporate governance advice
  • Sector and market analysis
  • Takeover defence strategies
  • Advice and input on acquisition targeting
  • Advice and input on Shareholder negotiations and Shareholder dispute resolution
  • Deleveraging, restructuring and refinancing strategies
  • Debt settlement negotiations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation management